Responsive Website Design

Your website should be optimized for all devices, no matter what the screen size, as new phones & handheld devices appear. Creating separate website templates and code for phones & tablets is completely unnecessary. Responsive Web Design (RWD) allows your website to respond and display nicely on the device that it is being displayed on.

We do this by coding the website in a way so that certain elements, such as navigation, is displayed more appropriately for smaller or larger screens. You'll end up with a site that look great on the iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, desktop computer and everything in between including TV's.

The main features of Responsive Web Design (RWD) are:

  • Optimized Display on All Phones
  • Optimized Display on Tablet Devices
  • Optimized User Experience
  • Optimized Loading Speed for Smaller Devices
  • Search Engine Optimized for Smaller Devices
  • Manage the Same Code, Files and Administration for all Devices

If you want the same content to be viewable on smaller device screens, then responsive design is the way to go. If you're looking for a mobile version that is extremely limited or a stripped version of your full website, this can still be done by hiding portions of the site on smaller screens. 

The huge benefits to responsive web design is that it allows the website to use the same code base and the same files for all displays.

Don't forget... there are 6 billion mobile users out there & smaller screen devices are going to be the browsing 'norm' within the next 2-3 years! I sit in the evening with my iPhone and/or iPad... do you?


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