Social Media Solutions

Social Media include sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pintrest.  There are hundreds of social media sites.  These sites attract thousands, if not millions of users which is why business owners are flocking to these sites promoting their products and services.  I focus on the big three:  Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

Why use Social Media for business?

Simple.  Because it works.  There is an old marketing adage - fish where the fish are.  Social media is a growing trend that cannot be ignored by savvy business owners.  The challenge for many is learning how to make it work.  How to effectively convert social conversation into actual real paying customers. 

When using social media for business it must be done:

  • in a way to expand brand awareness
  • professionally, respectfully, and effectively
  • not overly time consuming


 Setup a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the premier Social Media tool to grow your business. A strong business presence on Facebook requires a professional customized business page. Here is how I can help:

  • Create a new Business Page
  • Initial setup and optimization of Facebook Business Page
  • Prepare and instal a Cover Image
  • Instal a Profile Image
  • Link your blog to your Facebook page (if you have one) 
  • Receive a copy of our book "Lights on Facebook"
Social Media Connections 

Today’s savvy business owner uses many Social Media platforms to grow their business: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and possibly a blog tool like Wordpress. Save yourself time by connecting all of these platforms together. Your Social Media sites can be all linked together; one post will be sent automatically to all of your other social media accounts; even to your website.

I will:

  • Connect Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress
  • Provide assistance with inserting Wordpress posts onto your website (we will provide you with the coding for your WebMaster to add) * Assumes Social Media accounts are already created.


Social Media Coaching

Are you frustrated with learning new programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In? Are you stuck figuring out how to use these tools to really grow your fans and build your business? Work one-on-one with a Social Media guru and learn short cuts, tricks and strategies specific to your business.

  • One-on-one coaching on Social media concepts (can include up to 3 participants)
  • 2 hour session
  • Can be done in-person, over the phone or using Skype

My Mission

My mission is to support and assist business owners to be more successful using innovative online marketing strategies.  It is my belief that marketing should be ethical, transparent and virtuous.

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